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Our Clients

At Minar Northey, we go beyond the call of duty.   We’re good at the numbers, but what sets us apart from other CPAs is that we take a genuine interest in our clients’ unique circumstances.

Here’s what our clients are saying about us:


”  Not your typical accountants!  The professionals at Minar Northey understand my business and have helped me to understand all the things that used to scare me to death.  “

–  John, Manufacturing Services


”  Real estate taxation is no easy topic, but the folks at Minar Northey seem to have it nailed.  Our last transaction had potential to become a real nightmare, but we were guided through some major pitfalls unscathed.  Thanks guys.  “

–  Sarah, Rental Real Estate


”  Fantastic advisors.  The Minar Northey team has always done a great job coordinating my overall financial picture.  They understand that my business is tied to my investments which are tied to my personal finances which are tied to my community involvement, and for that, I am grateful.  “

–  Brian,  Restaurant Owner


”  I got into business to do what I love, not to become an accountant.  I was spending too much time trying to figure out tax forms and not enough time growing my business.  Since I started working with Minar Northey, I don’t even think about the paperwork anymore.  I just know it will be taken care of.  “

–  Ella, Graphic Design